What is Tomato Allergy? What are the signs for Tomato Allergy? How can Tomato Allergy be treated?

What is Tomato Allergy?

Tomato allergy can cause reactions to mild to severe size in people. People with allergies to tomatoes swollen on their lips and mouth immediately. In the mouth, sores and scratches occur. Severe itching in the throat, difficulty in breathing and difficulty in swallowing. Sweating headaches can occur when the skin is spilled. If the mouth has swollen lips and the chest is squeezed, you should immediately see a doctor.

What are the signs for Tomato Allergy?

The tomato allergy spreads harmfully to the body, and the immune system that enters the food body forms an antibody against that food, and when it eats, the immune system immediately causes rash, itchy, diarrhea and nausea to be difficult to breathe. For this reason, you should seek medical advice to prevent this allergy. Skin and blood tests should be done.

How is Tomato Allergy treated?

Mild allergic reactions can be cured. Sometimes, however, it may require you to squeeze and force yourself to go to the emergency service. If you are suffering from respiratory distress, you will need to apply immediately. Respiratory distress will be regulated by using emergency medicines and other symptoms will be prevented. In addition to these treatments, you should try to avoid foods that contain tomatoes and tomatoes that you eat as much as you can at home. You should choose to eat at home as it is likely to be in or out of the food you eat outside.