What is Sun Allergy? What are the signs? How can it be treated?

What is Sun Allergy?

Sun allergy causes redness over the body. Some allergies can heal by themselves. But there can be some people who is sensitive and need treating. You need to have back-up from a dermatologist.

Causes of the Sun Allergy?

There are many factors that affect sun allergy. For example citrus, crucifers, rosaceae, antibiotics, umbelliferae and some plants.

People who have sun allergy have itch, redness, puffiness on their skin. With the hot weather the sun allergy comes up with sunburn.

The signs of Sun Allergy

Sun allergy is seen usually in summer because of the sun. Sun Allergy usually happens  in arms, feet, legs and face some sun allergies can heal without any treatment. Some of them necessitate a serious treatment.

The treatment of Sun Allergy

If the itch is unbearable, the creams are suggested. Sun Allergy can occur in two different ways. It appears by being exposed to sun directly. If it is impossible to run away from the sun, use sun cream. Don’t put on your perfume on your skin. It is still bad, don’t use the perfume.

Herbs for Sun Allergy

You can get rid of sun allergy with the cure you make in your home. Add stinger to bailing water and wait for two minutes. Drink this for fifteen days twice a day.