What is Strawberry Allergy? What are the signs for Strawberry Allergy? How can Strawberry Allergy be treated?

What is Strawberry Allergy?

Some fruits can cause an allergic reaction in humans. Unfortunately, the strawberries are listed here. It should not be forgotten that strawberry allergy is quite common. If you think you are allergic to strawberries, you should seek help from an expert immediately. Why are so many people complaining of allergies to strawberries? During the maturation period, the pollen accumulating mulberry lies.

What are the signs for Strawberry Allergy?

The indication of this condition may vary widely. In particular, sneezing or nasal discharge may occur, body temperature may rise, skin scratching, a red rash on the skin, pain in the abdominal area, which causes vomiting and diarrhea, tears start to flow. Asthma attack and edema are also possible.

How is Strawberry Allergy treated?

Treatment is based on the use of antihistamines prescribed by a physician.

Of course, it will not work 100% to get rid of the disease, but it is quite realistic to reduce the results to the minimum. In addition to antiallergic drugs, depending on the nature of the disease, the specialist also prescribed nasal spreyi, corticosteroids. If the allergy causes an asthmatic attack, then you can not do it without the inhaler. In some cases, hospitalization with complex allergy forms is necessary.