What is Sperm Allergy? What are the signs for Sperm Allergy? How can Sperm Allergy be treated?

What is Sperm Allergy?

A small part of the immune system-specific problems that sperminates are called sperm allergies. Because of the substances in the protein structure, it can cause allergic reactions in the sperm cell, seminal plasma.

Such allergies may not only be women’s, but also men’s antagonism. The male may develop an immunological response to his sperm cell. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the effects of the allergic sperm cell and the antigenic properties of the men in a pair.

What are the signs for Sperm Allergy?

There are various substances (antigens) in the structure of the sperm cells, if necessary, in the meninges. Antigens that are found in the meninges and cover semen are more immunologically responsive to the female. Immunologic problems can arise in men, particularly when surgical interventions, infections, trauma, or the disruption of the barrier between blood and testicular tissue.

Allergic reactions following sexual intercourse in women are seen in the genital area as bloating, itching, blistering. Allergy specialist from New York Presbyterian Hospital. David Resnick explains that sperm allergy is an uncommon condition and the symptoms usually begin to appear after about 30 minutes. Allergy is caused by symptoms such as itching, burning, swelling in the genital area.

How is Sperm Allergy treated?

To reduce the female’s immune system’s response to semen, doctors gradually increase her concentration within a few hours by applying diluted semen every 20 minutes to the woman’s vagina, or allergy vaccines containing semen in minor amounts over several weeks. In some cases, women are getting through allergy without treatment.