What is Puberty? What are the signs of it? The signs of Puberty in Girls and Male

What is Puberty?

Puberty is the period in which sexual organs have the qualities to grow and reach maturity in order to be able to reproduce in the adult body.

Puberty usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 15. The onset of the pituitary gonadotrophin hormone triggers this period. In this period, over estrogen hormone in girls and testes in males increase testosterone hormone production.

  • It is the period of mental, physical and social maturation that enables individualization and socialization of the individual as he or she goes from childhood to adulthood.
  • It is a sensitive period waiting for more interest, respect, possibility.
  • It differs according to the person, the beginning and the end is a different period.
  • It is a process in which every healthy child lives.

The signs of Puberty in Girls

The signs of Puberty in Girls

Mostly in girls the indication of puberty starts at the age of 10-11.

  • The first symptom of puberty grows in breasts starting around the age of 11.
  • One third of the girls may also start to pubic hair first.
  • Breasts can grow at different speeds, but this difference completely disappears when adulthood is reached.
  • Secondary characteristics such as pelvic enlargement, distribution of body fat in the female body, pubic and axillary fluids continue to evolve progressively.
  • The onset of first menstrual bleeding usually occurs 1-1.5 years after puberty begins.
  • Puberty is considered to be over in girls when menstruation periods become predictable and regular.

As a consequence of the development of nutritional and living standards, the starting age of menstruation has fallen to younger ages in the last century.

In women who are engaged in activities such as intense sports and ballet, or when there is a disease that weakens the body, the onset of menstruation may be delayed.

The signs of Puberty in Males

The signs of Puberty in Males

  • In men, puberty, testes and scrotum begin with a sudden growth, manifested by pubic area and pubescence in hundreds.
  • In men of puberty, the onset of the penis usually begins at age 13 and is usually as much as an adult’s penis within two years. However, this can vary from one child to another, because some men have an adult size at age 14-15, while some men still have immature genital organs at this age.
  • Increased secretion of testosterone hormone results in increased sperm production and also allows the seminal vesicle to mature with the prostate gland. This causes typical male hair distribution in the face, chest, and groin in men.

The larynx expands and the auditory tracts elongate to reveal the thickening of the senses. This causes the pitch of the voice to fall.