What is Puberty Psychology? Puberty Psychology in girls and men? Psychological problems in Puberty?

What is Puberty Psychology? 

Puberty Psychology differs from men to girls. Since this period is the transition period from childhood to adulthood, the process of development of both body and spirit has been started. In this process, which is a challenging period for people and their relatives, the task of their families is to be patient, tolerant, wise and supportive to puberty.

What is Puberty Psychology in girls?

Compared to men, the puberty periods of girls in our country and in the world are correlated with sexual formation. Because of this understanding, girls’ puberty periods are two times heavier. The physical development seen in girls during the transition from childhood to adulthood causes great confusion in the moods of these people. Breast enlargement and period seen in girls are physically painful and psychologically complex. In girls, this process is most important than the reasons for the frightening passages that they should not be aware of developments in their bodies. In this case, the mother has a great task. First of all, they have to make a broad and logical statement about the period of menstruation when girls are having difficulty in reasoning. Again, extensive information should be provided about the breast growth which is one of the developments in the body.

puberty psychology in men

What is Puberty Psychology in men?

In males, as well as girls, there are many changes both spiritually and physically. From the first step of puberty, there are indications such as differences in men, chest bite, apparent elongation, weight loss on the body, deep fatness, enlargement that may vary from person to person and body size. Hair grows around the chest, legs and genitalia. In these periods, androgen is secreted too much and the sexual organ starts to work. Sperm production has also begun in men during these periods.

What are the Psychological problems in Puberty?

  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • The tendency to use drugs

All of the discomforts listed above arise from the fact that people are jumping on their own without supporting this period. Psychological support can be given to the children or pubert by the family or specialists. The greatest support of your parents, or those close to you, is interest and love. During this period, children who do not accept admonition are left aside from the identity of their parents and are spoken with their friends’ identity, and if they spend a lot of time, they will be able to survive this period much more securely and healthily. Again in this period, the biggest support for the people can be done together social activities. Spending time with the family in that setting will be a great support for the puberty.