What is Pollen Allergy? What are the signs of it? How can it be cured?

What is Pollen Allergy?

The pollen kinds that are important for allergy are alder, hazelwood and birch pollens. Pollen allergy happens because of the allergic reaction to some proteins that are find in pollens. It is also called as hay fever.

Pollens, settle in respiratory tract with the breath. Also, it settles to skin, hair or eyes. This won’t be a problem for many people. The immune system starts to work and some reactions are seemed in the nose and eyes. In the allergic person sneeze, runny nose, itch in the eyes start.

Who has the Pollen Allergy?

Pollen allergy is seen in the people of 5-40 year old.

The signs of Pollen Allergy

In pollen allergy the nose starts to run and itch and the person sneezes. Itch and puftiness are seemed in the eyes. In pollen season asthma can be seen. The person feels tired and weak, there may be decrease in the capacity of learning. As a consequence, this diseas affect people’s work and school lifes in a bad way.

The ways of protection from Pollen Allergy and useful information

  • Be careful about your hygiene, smell and smoke.
  • Don’t air your house in the hours of pollen.
  • Don’t dry your laundry outside in the midday.
  • Sunglasses can help to decrease the discomfort.
  • A dust mask that covers your mouth and nose may help.