What is Penicillin Allergy? What are the signs for Penicillin Allergy? How can Penicillin Allergy be treated?

What is Penicillin Allergy?

Penicillin allergy is an excessive response of the immune system to antibiotics with similar content of penicillin and the like. Allergic reactions that occur in this quadrant may be skin rashes, sometimes severe, such as anaphylaxis. Penicillin group drugs are given in bacterial infections in the form of sore throat. Some people have serious allergic reactions, some people do not cause side effects. Penicillin group antibiotics should not be used to protect against penicillin allergy.

What are the signs for Penicillin Allergy?

Although most people have symptoms such as the penicillin indications, they are not all real penicillin allergies. These are skin reactions related to penicillin. But not every reaction is allergic. Among the specifications are;

  • Itching in the skin,
  • Hives,
  • Tired breathing,
  • Skin rash,
  • Lips, dildo, face swelling (angioedema).

Anaphylactic reactions: Anaphylactic shock, a very serious, life-threatening allergic reaction to penicillin. It develops together with the exposure of sensitive persons to the penis. Among the specifications;

  • Harsh breathing and shortness of breath,
  • Low blood pressure,
  • Swelling in the throat and on the back,
  • Dizziness, loss of consciousness,
  • Acceleration or fall of the pulse.

If any of these symptoms occur, a doctor should be urgently consulted immediately and if necessary 955 must be sought. For other mild reactions you should still see the doctor. It is easier to diagnose if you go to the doctor when you have allergic reactions.

What are the reason for Penicillin Allergy?

The development of the allergic reaction is caused by the immune system perceiving the penicillin entering the body as false and erroneous. This is why IgE antibodies are produced. The chemicals that enter the bloodstream cause allergic effects. The cause of the development of these effects in some people and not developing in others is still unknown. Penicillin beta is a drug in the lactam antibiotic group and is used in the treatment of bacterial infections. It is both effective and affordable. They are particularly effective in upper respiratory tract infections, ear and skin infections. The drug given to the body by mouth or by injection prevents the generation of bacteria. Although there are many species, each has a different domain. There are penicillin drugs such as amoxicillin, oxacillin, ampicillin, dicloxacillin. Those who have allergies to one of these penicillin drugs also become allergies. Penicillin allergies are particularly common in people aged 20-49 years, who frequently use penicillin, cystic fibrosis, AIDS patients, and those who have previously had penicillin allergy.

How is Water Penicillin treated?

Testing can be done to determine the allergy to penicillin. If penicillin allergy is present, drug use should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted. A treatment is applied according to the indicated indication. If an anaphylactic condition develops, epinephrine should be done urgently. You must go hurriedly without delay.