What is Hand Allergy? What are the reason for Hand Allergy? How can Hand Allergy be treated?

What is Hand Allergy?

Hand allergy is the type of discomfort that is common in our society. It affects our lives negatively because of the discomforts that occur in the hands. It causes me to have difficulty in meeting my daily needs. Therefore, those with allergies should not delay taking precautions and treatments. And avoid the factors that cause allergies in the hands.

What are the reason for Hand Allergy?

Hand allergies generally occur in two different ways. These are allergies through food and respiration. In addition, they also come into contact with products that cause allergies. In normal conditions, there are no inconveniences in the food or weather conditions taken in other people, but when the allergic people take this food or air, they do not accept the body and react suddenly, so reddish bloating, redness and skin pouring in the hands are happening.

There are some risky product types and weather conditions that affect the formation of hand allergy. Especially today, when we consider the factors such as the multiplicity of ready-to-eat foods, increasing air pollution, allergies in the hands are inevitable. At the beginning of these, the products called latex and used as raw materials of most chemical products have a high risk of becoming a hand allergy. Latex causing the formation of hand allergy; It is a liquid product in the rubber tree that resembles milk. The area of ​​use of latex is widespread. They are used in most plastic products, medical gloves, vehicle tires. When working in a chemical environment, there is a high risk of hand allergy when working in places such as tire factories.

How is Hand Allergy treated?

The first is to identify the food or contacted substance causing the hand allergy, and not to use the exact substance or food. For the detection of food or substance, firstly the nearest hospital should be consulted. We can determine the product by conducting an allergy test. These tests are conducted in two different ways, deep and calm. The doctor decides which test is appropriate for the patient. The department you’re going to have at the hospital is the internal department. Drugs and creams are given by the doctor to prevent the progress of the allergy. After the test you need to take care of, you should share your daily product or nutrition with your doctor which may cause allergies in the hands. Thus, you may have identified and accelerated the treatment.