What is Fly Allergy? Ways of protection? What are natural methods?

What is Fly Allergy?

In some people, mosquito bites are allergic to saliva, which is injected before biting your sinus, so it causes massive swellings and severe pain and itching. The flies also determine the location of the fevkalede due to its creation very well. Often, the thin parts of our skin, the inner eyelid bite, bite the soft skin like our feet. In these areas, fly allergies have bigger problems. The resulting swelling is so soft and naive that the recovery time is even longer.

Flies allergic to children are more common because children usually do not get immune to the spit that the flies inject when injecting blood. If the fly allergy is advanced, children can be treated by going to the hospital. By taking medicines at the doctor’s check, immunity against the swelling can be strengthened.

The ways of protection from Fly Allergy

By not creating the area where the flies multiply, that is, by preventing the formation of water accumulation, keeping the environment clean, the flies also go to the most fragrance. If you have excessive sweat, you may not allow the flies to approach you often by taking a shower.

Natural treatment methods in Fly Allergy?

  • Banana treatment, wait until the inner part of the banana husk is deeply pressed into the area where the biting is done,
  • Press on ice and lemon over the swelling caused by the fly allergy,
  • Spread the garlic by dividing the garlic into blobs,
  • Prepare a blend of water with a blend of roasted dust and cream into the puffs

With such methods, you can reduce the length of the treatment healing and the irritation caused by the fly allergy by natural means applied to the large bulges and red nails found in fly allergies.