What is Flea Allergy? What are the diseases caused by Fleas? What is Flea Allergy in cats? How can it be treated?

What is Flea Allergy?

Fleas are divided into cat, dog, dust, bird, cotton and water pires. Although they are quite small, these fleas, which cause many illnesses, have six spots. Fleas that can bounce at 50-100 centimeters in length and feed by sucking blood, bite their living creatures many times and cause them to swell about 5 cm above the skin, causing severe itching and allergic redness. These bites harden within about 24 hours. The hardening sites are not correct because the itchy areas are likely to become infected. This can lead to many illnesses. If you put some cologne on a cotton pad instead of scratching and rub it on the spot where it gets red, the itching will fall to half.

The diseases caused by Fleas

Allergic Diseases: Redness and swelling occur in the place where the petun that is fed by sucking the blood of the living gets bitten. If you have sensitive skin and are exposed to flea heat, unlike other people, you will not only have symptoms of rash. In addition to that, you can also have to deal with allergic diseases.

Typhus: Typhus, among the diseases that fleas infect with blood, can be dangerous at very serious times. When this disease is seen, it is necessary to take measures immediately. The formation of typhus is caused by dirt, overcrowding, starvation and fatigue. The typhus microbubble shows signs of discomfort in the body, such as fatigue, fever, headache, and backache. In addition, lips and facial redness are among the symptoms. It is possible that health problems will be seen frequently if flea medication is not applied, and people affected by flea infestation and living things can be damaged too much.

Skin Diseases: Fleas are fed by sucking blood. Flea lightening can cause sensitive allergic skin diseases and skin damage that can be permanent in our bodies.

It also causes harmful diseases such as fleas, allergic diseases and typhus, and skin diseases as well as other dangerous diseases such as Dysentery, Plague and Fever.

What is Flea Allergy in cats?

Flea allergy is the most common skin disease in cats. The first symptoms are flushing on the skin and excessive itching. Later on, this itch is the result of wound and bacterial infections. Even if sensitivity to flea bites decreases within a few years, flea allergy is a problem that affects the cats from all age groups. In your kitten you should see a flea allergy statement and immediately take it to a veterinarian.

How is Flea Allergy treated?

In veterinary medicine there are many products for protection against fleas related to this subject. Physicians first try to kill the flounder from laying. For this, there are droppings applied to the cats. Thanks to these droplets, the blood that is not spawning in the blood of the flea will die and the cat that is dropping in the blood will be killed, so that your home will be prevented from flea invasion.

Apart from this, flea powder, spray or shampoos on the market can also be missing in practice. These methods are only effective on existing problems, but a drug for protection from fleas has not been found.