What is Face Allergy? What are the signs of it? How can it be treated?

What is Face Allergy?

This kind of allergy arises in our faces as redness, puffiness and itch because of some allergen. The capillary vessels in our faces are very fragile and it can be affected by any external factor an deven by our mood.

The Causes of Face Allergy

Face allergy occurs because of the creams that are applied to face or neck, the soaps and shampoos that are used most of the time. Besides, deodorant, wet wipes, make-up products, staying in the dirty air for a long time can harm the skin. With the men, not being kept in a clean place of blade, using the same blade for a long time can harm the face and cause allergy. The women going to the hairdressers usually are affected by the make-up products that are used in many people.

The Signs of Face Allergy

If there are puffiness and itch, redness in the face or neck this may mean face allergy.

The Things That Should Be Done For Face Allergy

If you have such problems with your face you should be careful about the products that you are using. Be away from the products that you think it may be harmful. Besides, be careful about the expiry date of your products. Don’t use skin care products of other people. Wash your face frequently. In addition to these things you should sleep enough and eat healthy foods to strengthen your immune system.