What is Dog Feather Allergy? What are the signs for Dog Feather Allergy? How can Dog Feather Allergy be treated?

What is Dog Feather Allergy?

With the arrival of spring and the formation of pollen, spring allergy is experienced. Because it originated from pollen, it is also called pollen allergy. Tree and flower pollen emerging along with the start of spring moon cause allergies in people. Spring allergies can cause eye irritation and asthma. These diseases are more common in spring months. People with spring allergy are also tired and feel exhaustion. This situation affects the working life of the working people and the success of the students in the negative direction.

What are the signs for Dog Feather Allergy?

  • It usually occurs in the respiratory tract.
  • Continuous sneezing,
  • Difficulty breathing and nasal congestion,
  • The eyes are pruritic, irritated and irritated,
  • There’s the discharge and the nose bleeding,
  • Excessive headache,
  • Weakness,
  • Bruises and swelling around the eyes,
  • Itching in the ear.

How is Dog Feather Allergy treated?

To prevent allergic conditions, people can avoid allergies by avoiding allergic conditions. This does not seem possible for spring allergy. It is almost impossible for people with spring allergy to stay away from pollen. However, to avoid the pollen and to reduce the effect of frequent bathing and sunglasses should be installed on the day of going out.

Another measure against spring allergy is drug use. These medications may be nasal spray or oral allergy pills. The antihistaminic drugs used for allergies make people feel tired, drowsy and distracted. In fact, vaccination treatment is the most important treatment against spring allergy. Vaccine treatment reduces the effects of spring allergy or pollen allergy and also prevents future asthma.