What is Antibiotic Allergy? What are the signs for Antibiotic Allergy? How can Antibiotic Allergy be treated?

What is Antibiotic Allergy?

There are many side effects of antibiotics, which are the most common drugs nowadays, and even in the slightest disease as time progresses. But besides these side effects, some people have an allergy to antibiotics in the world. Unfortunately, most people continue to use antibiotics without knowing it, and they are opening doors to other illnesses. One of the biggest reasons why antibiotics are used so much is that they are cheap. Therefore, bronchitis, throat infections and so on. antibiotics are the first to be treated.

The antibiotic is taken in two different forms, the body being injected and the pill being taken. The most effective method for those with Allergan antibiotic allergy is injection. The reason for this is that the distribution of the antibiotic taken by the injection method is faster than the other. Therefore, those with allergies will be affected very briefly and the allergy statement will last for up to one hour. Therefore, antibiotics should be taken before taking them. You can find out if your body is allergic by making necessary assessments and criticisms. You can do this in any hospital.

What are the signs for Antibiotic Allergy?

For those who are forced to use heavy antibiotics, doctors often ask for antigens and criticisms before they start treating antibiotics to see if you have allergies. Difficulties in antibiotic allergy are found in internal organs and mostly in the skin. Lockers, bubbles, reddish blobs occur in the skin.

How is Antibiotic Allergy treated?

The most appropriate treatment for antibiotic allergy treatment is to detect the antibiotic that damages the patient and stop it immediately. However, if there is no alternative to the antibiotic used for the treatment of the patient and if it is necessary to use antibiotics, medicines are used together with antibiotics to increase the resistance of the body and to reduce the sensitivity of the allergen. In this case, the patient is prevented from using allergy antibiotics. Another method of treatment is the method of desensitization of the antibiotic used, especially to the antibiotics of the body in the use of injectable antibiotics. Here, the patient is desensitized to antibiotics by removing the antibiotic initially given to the patient periodically from a small dose to a high dose.