What are the signs of Cow Milk Allergy?

What are the signs of Cow Milk Allergy?

Mayoclinic The cow’s milk allergy indication may vary depending on the weight of the baby and the allergen. Some babies have only one symptom, while some babies have multiple symptoms. Usually babies start in the first 6 months, sometimes at a later age can be evident.

The main signs of cow milk allergy are;

  • In the first few months, excessive crying and gas stagnation,
  • Nausea after vomiting,
  • Do not lose weight,
  • Bloody and snotty defecation and sometimes constipation,
  • Eczema-like skin rashes and bumps on the skin,
  • An unrelated throat wheezing, coughing nasal obstruction,
  • Recurrent bronchitis attacks.

Cow milk allergy is a common disease in infants. All the food that the mother eats is passed on to the baby. Therefore, if you see any of these symptoms in your baby, you should first leave your mother’s milk and dairy products. It is also necessary to use medicines in existing clinics from the time you have allergies to your baby.