The importance of feeding in Puberty? How should I feed? What are nutrition recommendations?

The importance of feeding in Puberty?

Puberty; biochemical, physical, psychological and social aspects of rapid development, growth and maturation process from childhood to adulthood transition. Rapid development and growth increase nutrients and energy needs. Healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone. But it is more important for children in the age of growth. The reason for this is to maintain the nutrition habits to be earned during this period.

How should I feed in Puberty?

Fat group: Because it contains vitamin E, development and growth are very important in terms of meeting your energy needs.

Milk-yoghurt group: A group of foods with high protein and calcium content. It is a group that has a very important share in the growth and development of children, skeletal systems, dental health.

Vegetable-fruit group: It is a group with high mineral and vitamin content. This group plays an important role in growth and development, protection against infections in school age, support for the immune system.

Grain group (bread, rice, bulgur etc.): It is a group consisting of grape-seeds containing vitamins and vitamin B group. It plays an important role in meeting the energy needs of this period.

Group B: Chicken, meat, fish, cheese and egg group: Group B is a group consisting of protein and vitamin and pulp content high in vitamins. It is important in terms of growth and development to meet the protein need.

Nutrition recommendation in Puberty

  • If you are very selective about eating, you should tell why you should eat instead of insisting.
  • Have a habit of making breakfast, make breakfast at home and go to the school.
  • Food should not be insisted on too much, it should not be difficult if you say it is okay.
  • Meals should be eaten 5-6 meals a day.
  • Food should not be eaten in the face of computers and televisions.
  • Food that will meet your daily protein and calorie needs should be consumed.
  • Sugar and sugary food consumption should be reduced the most, excessive consumption both in terms of dental health and also creates a sense of satiety to prevent the consumption of food is actually needed.
  • Daily water consumption should be given importance and water drinking habit should be given.
  • Carbonated beverages (soda, cola, etc.), freshly squeezed fruit juice, buttermilk, milk should be preferred instead of ready-made fruit juices.
  • Pizza, hamburger, etc. Cooking should be preferred instead of fastfood consumption.
  • During meals yogurt, dry or fresh fruit, milk, nuts should be consumed.