How the Face Allergy heals? Natural treatmens for Face Allergy

How the Face Allergy heals?

The redness, puffiness and itch arises in our faces may lead disturbance and bad looking. There are treatments for these in medical area and in natural ways. In medical treatment, the medicine is given by the doctor to remove the allergy from the body. And the creams are used in our faces. Besides, natural treatment is another way of healing thes disease.

Natural treatmens for Face Allergy

Patato Flour: It comes first for the treatment of face allergies. After waiting a glass of water and three spoons of patato flour we make a mask from this mixture and apply our faces. The mask should stay in the face for thirty minutes. Then, we wash our face with warm water.

Alligator Pear Treatment: Put the alligator pear to your face and wait. The wash your wash with warm water. You can do this twice or three times a day.

Tea Treatment: Green tea, black tea, camomile tea. You can drink these twice or three times a day.

Ginger Treatment: Put a palm of ginger in a glass. After you smoosh it and make it flour add hot water into glass and drink it.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment: It is one of the best ways fort he itch. Don’t use the cider vinegar directly. Add some water to the vinegar and apply it to allergic part of your body.