How Puberty Acne heals? How to avoid it? What are natural methods?

How Puberty Acne heals?

During puberty, the body produces hormones called androgens and these hormones cause acne. As the hormones are regulated, the amount of pubertal acne is reduced. Later, in order not to deal with acne scars, you should not squeeze the acne during puberty and play with your hands.

These hormones increase the oil production in your skin. Due to various obstacles, these oils cause acne and inflammation. You can use the advice of skin specialists to prescribe medications that reduce the fatness caused by these hormones for the passage of adolescent nausea.

How to avoid Puberty Acne?

  • Keep your hands away from acne and from the face as bacteria on your hands will cause acne formation.
  • Regular skin cleansing and care is essential to prevent the emergence of acne. Stay away from acne medication while your skin is overbearing and turning.
  • Sleep with make-up on your face, and the plugging pores will become convenient zones for the exposure of the nose.
  • Make sure you thoroughly wash and clean your cosmetic brushes once a week.
  • If you are closing the acne with make-up, try to avoid products containing salicylic acid and disinfecting the area.

Natural methods for Puberty Acne

Apple cider vinegar and water: Organic with an apple vinegar adjust pH in the region of the water mixture acne. This allows the bacteria that cause the acne to be prevented from recycling. You can prepare the mixture in any size according to the region you are going to. Use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar you can prepare the mixture at a rate that will add 10 tablespoons of water. Apply the mixture gently to the skin with a soft cotton ball. Apply this recipe on a daily basis until you are satisfied with the reduction.

Carbonate: Peel off the dead cells on the skin surface and the carbohydrate will show a deep cleansing effect on your skin. Usually carbonate masks are used for acne, scars and acne scars. To prepare the carbonate mask, add a few teaspoons of carbon into the carbonate mix with warm water until you get the creamy consistency. Apply the mixture you make into the mask and wait 10 – 15 minutes like this. If you can stand your skin stretching, you can hold the mask in your face for up to 30 minutes. Rinse the mask by washing with warm water. You can apply this mask twice a week until you reach the desired results.

Lemon Water: Lemon allows skin to tighten and excess oil from the skin to be thrown away. It also accelerates the healing of the nits that develop during puberty thanks to the Vitamin C in it. The freshness of the lemons you will use is important in terms of the result you will achieve. With the help of a cotton lemon juice to your clean and dry skin can be carried out regularly. Let lemon juice stay for 25-30 minutes like this. Take care not to go out in the sun during this time. You can apply this action on a daily basis.

Coconut Oil: Reduces redness and prevents acne from fighting bacteria in areas where acne is present. You can fight puberty by gently massaging your skin with coconut oil once or twice a day.

Garlic: Sulfur in garlic provides rapid healing of pubertal acne. Divide a portion of a garlic clove and gently rub it over the nits. After waiting 5 minutes, clean with warm water. Repeat this morning and evening during the day.

Indian Defnesia Oil: The Indian Defnesek oil you can find during exertions is influential in passing anti-bacterial traits and pubertal cessation. Dilute before use. For this you can use 5-10 drops of ginseng oil in 1/4 glass of water. You can decide by yourself how much acne you need on your skin if you do not need to drip a few drops. Apply this mixture to your skin with the help of a cotton.

Mint: Quickly removes redness from minks in the nineties. It also prevents infection and inflammation in the area as it is an anti-infective feature. Remove the water by crushing the mint leaves and rub the resulting water with the help of a cotton cloth. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You can repeat this process twice a week.

Egg Flux: Reduces the oil that causes acne to your skin to a minimum and tightens the skin pores tightly. Separate the white of an egg from the whites and apply it to your skin with the help of a cotton. In a few minutes you will feel the tension in your skin. Allow 10 minutes to 1 hour to stop on your skin. You can apply this action on a daily basis.

Cinnamon and Honey: Bring half a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a bowl of spoonful to a thick mask consistency. Spread this mask over the acne area and leave it for 1 hour. Rinse with warm water. You can repeat this process twice a week.